Prisoner Transport Insert Configurator

Outfit your van for secure, heavy-duty inmate transport with Havis Prisoner Transport Solutions. Configure your ideal insert by following the steps below.

Prisoner Transport Configurator
  1. STEP 1: Select Your Prisoner Transport Van
  2. Van Make
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  3. Van Year & Model
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  4. Van Height, Length & Wheel Base
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  5. STEP 2: Configure Your Prisoner Transport Insert
  6. Please select your desired configuration:
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  7. STEP 3: Select Your Heating & Cooling System
  8. For the safety of your passengers, Havis strongly advises ordering the OEM HVAC System Vent Adapter or Aftermarket Heat/Cooling System to regulate the temperature within the insert.
  9. Does your van have the standard front AC with the OEM optional rear HVAC system?
    Please select an option.
  10. Does your van have the OEM optional rear HVAC prep package?
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  11. Would you like optional front hose protective covers for the HVAC blower?
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  12. STEP 4: Consider Recommended Havis Accessories
  13. Please select any of the below accessories* to complete your solution:
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    *Available accessories are based on insert configuration.
  14. STEP 5: Consider Havis Mounting
  15. Do you need a recommended Havis console for your van?
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  16. Does your van have a gas or diesel engine?
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