Havis Rugged Docking for Dell Computers

Havis provides reliable docking solutions for Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme, XFR, ATG and XT2 XFR Laptops. For a brief overview, download Havis Docking Solutions for Dell Computers.

Dell Intro

Havis docking stations for Dell Latitude rugged laptops are built to keep your computer secure in the toughest mobile environments and to optimize user comfort and performance. Our docking stations undergo extensive quality and safety testing to ensure reliable mobile computing in the field. They also feature full port replication to allow users to connect to peripherals, such as printers for issuing invoices and tickets and mag stripe readers for running credit cards and scanning licenses.


Available Products

Keep your mobile workforce's productivity high by using the most comfortable, safest and highest quality products in the industry. Contact your sales team today to order your ideal docking solution.

Laptop Docking Solutions
Dell Laptop Docking Station Series
Latitude E6400/E6410/E6420 XFR DS-DELL-110 Series
Latitude E6400/E6410/E6420/E6430 ATG DS-DELL-230 Series
Latitude XT2 XFR DS-DELL-300 Series
Latitude 14 Rugged
Latitutde 12 & 14 Rugged Extreme
DS-DELL-400 Series