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Our products have proven themselves in the field by withstanding severe car crashes and rollovers.


Protect K9 Partners

Available for both sedans and SUVs, our K9 units are custom designed for each vehicle they serve. In addition to rounded corners and heavy-duty white powder coat finish, they feature large side openings for improved canine entry and exit as well as easy access for cleaning.

Click on any of the below for more information on how to protect your canine partner, or review the Havis Guide to Selecting a K9 Transport Unit.

  • Compartment Options
  • Materials & Finish
  • Cleanliness Matters
  • Door Pop & Heat Alarm
  • Easy Installation
  • Air Circulation
  • Water Bowl
  • Transferable Units

Compartment Options

For more a versatile transport solution, make sure your vendor can offer units that combine K9 and prisoner transport. Havis K9/prisoner transport combination units provide K9 space on the driver's side and prisoner space on the passenger side, keeping the two areas safely and comfortably separated.

Compartment Options

Materials & Finish

A proper K9 unit combine strength, durability and lighter weight in order to achieve minimum stress on your vehicle. Select a unit with a powder coat finish, which allows for easier cleaning and eliminates black oxide build up on your dog's fur. Unfinished aluminum will absorb dirt and fluids and painted steel is prone to rust.

Havis K9 transport units are fabricated primarily from 1/8" (.125") aluminum sheets that have a formed channel framework and are welded at critical joints. Plus, Havis uses a white powder coat finish to protect your unit and enable it to be thoroughly and easily cleaned.

Materials & Finish

Cleanliness Matters

You want a unit that is easily disinfected and washed out. When properly installed, our unit's seams are sealed so water and debris generated during cleaning cannot hide and turn foul without you knowing its source. We include hinged window guards for easy access to clean windows as well as a durable, removable rubber mat that also makes cleaning easier.

Cleanliness Matters

Door Pop & Heat Alarm

When the demands of your job require your full focus, you need a K9 unit that caters to your dog's comfort and safety. Havis K9 Heat Alarms include temperature sensors, remote pager/beeper module, dual window drop module and horn alert module that prevent your canine from being trapped in an overheated vehicle.

Our K9 Door Popper System comes with FastPop system (door pop stopper inhibits popping while moving), door unlock and long range remote, S.O.S. horn alert module, dual window drop module and many others to provide your canine with an immediate exit from the vehicle.

Easy Installation

You have 2 installation options. If you have your own install facility, you can do it yourself with our step-by-step instructions. Or, Havis has resellers around the country that can do the installation for you.

Havis K9 transport units ship to you fully assembled. We find this assures all parts are included in your order and that they all fit together. Also, you get to see the unit fully assembled, so you know what it will look like when installed. (Some parts will need to be unassembled and reassembled for installation.)

It takes anywhere from 10 hours to 26 hours to complete an installation, plus time for any optional equipment. It all depends on the size and design of the unit and the options you have chosen. Rest assured that Havis offers a technical support phone line in case you need assistance.

Air Circulation

We offer optional electric ventilation fans to circulate the vehicle's air conditioning. The optional fans can be mounted on the ceiling or front wall of the unit.

Air Circulation

Water Bowl

At Havis, we understand how important your canine's safety and comfort in the vehicle is. Our optional water container includes a stainless steel bowl and bracket to keep your canine's water supply secure during transport (not recommended for sedans).

Water Bowl

Transferable Units

A well-built K9 unit (such as a Havis unit) will last much longer than a vehicle will. After the useful life of your vehicle has passed, you want to be able to move the transport unit to a new vehicle. With a Havis K9 transport unit, this is not a problem. Remember, Havis units are not welded into your vehicle; they are bolted. If the make and model of the new vehicle is the same, you can usually just move it from one to the other without additional parts.