Havis builds rugged docking and mounting solutions for warehouses, distribution, forklifts, work carts, materials handling, and more. Download Industrial Solutions Information Sheet (PDF)

Computing Solutions

Computing Solutions

Havis' wide range of computing solutions and peripheral accessories are a perfect fit for any mobile workstation, including carts and forklifts. We offer the industry's most reliable platform for connection to peripherals, like keyboards and bar code scanners, which greatly improves productivity while allowing users to stay mobile around the warehouse.

Rugged laptops and tablets are integral components to successful industrial and warehouse automation. Havis manufactures docking solutions that keep this technology securely and safely mounted in nearly any work environment. In addition to our laptop- and tablet-specific docking stations, we also offer our Universal Laptop and Tablet Mounts, which are compatible with a wide variety of manufacturers.

Havis also understands that reliable access to office amenities in unconventional workspaces is a must. Therefore, our docking stations integrate intelligent port replication that allows users to connect to printers, keyboards, antennas, bar code scanners and many other essential peripherals. Strain relief and recessed ports protect these cable connections and prevent accidental disconnects.

Mounting Solutions

Havis designs ergonomic mounting solutions based on the ideal office setting to prevent back, wrist and eye strain in unconventional workspaces. Our thicker, heavy-duty mounting equipment provides a secure base that minimizes vibration and rattle, and therefore reduces eye strain.

We also offer the Havis Desktop Stand, which provides a sturdy, anti-skid base for mounting tablet docking stations and universal trays on virtually any flat surface.