Ford Interceptor Vehicle Solutions

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Sedan & Utility Solutions

As part of Havis' continued effort to have the broadest portfolio, Havis has designed several consoles for the Ford Interceptor Sedan and Utility to serve the specific needs of customers. They offer up to 200% more internal mounting space for mission critical controls than competitive products.

In addition to consoles, Havis also offers passenger side mount packages, dash monitor mounts, a variety of trunk mounts, and K9 and prisoner transport units. These solutions can provide our customers with a safe, comfortable and fully-equipped mobile office.

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Now Available!

Havis is proud to have the broadest portfolio of safe consoles and computer mounting solutions in the industry. These products for the Ford Interceptors are available now. For more information, please contact your sales team today.

For a full list of compatible solutions for your vehicle, view our Vehicle Application Chart.

2014 Ford Interceptor Sedan Solutions
Consoles Part #
14" Low-Profile Console C-VS-1400-INSE
23" Standard Console C-VS-1508-INSE
Vehicle and Monitor Mounts Part #
Premium Passenger Side Mount PKG-PSM-241
Standard Passenger Side Mount PKG-PSM-141
Heavy Duty Vehicle Mount C-HDM-141
Tunnel Mount Assembly C-TMW-INSE-01
Dash Monitor Mount C-DMM-122
Trunk Mounts Part #
Fold Down Trunk Tray C-TFD-INSE-1
Standard Trunk Tray C-TTB-INSE-1
Premium Driver Side Trunk Mount C-TSM-INSE-D
Premium Passenger Side Trunk Mount C-TSM-INSE-P
Transport Solutions Part #
K9 Transport System KK-K9-F17-K
Interior Window Guard Kit WGI-F17
2014 Ford Interceptor Utility Solutions
Consoles Part #
12" Low-Profile Console C-VS-1200-INUT
14" Low-Profile Console C-VS-1400-INUT
18" Low-Profile Console C-VS-0810-INUT-1
21" Standard Console C-VS-1308-INUT
24" Standard Console C-VS-2400-INUT-1
Vehicle and Monitor Mounts Part #
Premium Passenger Side Mount PKG-PSM-253
Standard Passenger Side Mount PKG-PSM-153
Heavy Duty Vehicle Mount C-HDM-153
Tunnel Mount Assembly C-TMW-INUT-01
Dash Monitor Mount C-DMM-123
Trunk Mounts Part #
Premium Fold Up Cargo Plate C-TTP-INUT-1
Premium Fold Up Equipment Tray C-TTP-INUT-2
Premium Fold Up Cargo Plate with Heavy Duty Gas Springs C-TTP-INUT-200
Transport Solutions Part #
K9 Transport System KK-K9-F18-K
K9 Prisoner Transport System KK-K9-F18-K-PT
Aluminum Door Panel Kit DP-F16-A
Rear Cargo Interior Window Guard Kit WGI-F18-RC
Rear Cargo Interior Window Bars WBI-F18-RC