Andrea Felice

Andrea Felice

Additional classes are coming soon, and we will be teaming up with some exciting partners and presenters.

Here's a list of topics we're looking forward to covering:

  • New Havis Integrated Control System
  • Computer OEM Updates & New Docking Products
  • Vehicle OEM Updates & New Mounting Products
  • Key Accessories: Keyboards, Power Supplies, Printers, etc.
  • Tech Support Tips
  • Navigating Havis Marketing and Sales Tools
  • K9 & Prisoner Transport Solutions
  • Idle Management for Fleets

High-quality docking and mounting solutions protect and organize expensive in-vehicle equipment and hardware to maximize mobile worker productivity.

The recent article "New VPD police cars hit the streets" on BigMedicine.ca discussed the Vancouver Police Department's new fleet of patrol vehicles, which will be delivered over the next three years. With this new fleet, the Vancouver PD will focus on safety and fuel-efficiency, as well as greener operations through their Code Green sustainability program. The goal of this program is to minimize engine idling without compromising police operations and response readiness.

As we approach the midpoint of this snowy, extremely cold winter, it's important to evaluate how the vehicles in your fleet are handling the season. In addition to creating icy, pothole-ridden roads, a harsh winter like this one can put your vehicle at a greater risk for a dead battery. This is because falling temperatures diminish the electrical capacity of your vehicle's battery while also increasing the amount of power the battery needs to crank the engine.

Today, we've announced that the newest addition to our line of Getac docking solutions -- the Havis Docking Station for the Getac F110 Rugged Tablet -- is now available for order. Havis worked closely with Getac to design and develop this durable yet lightweight docking station for their fully rugged 11.6" Windows 8 tablet.