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Yes, the ICS will work with the Motorola MW810 computer, but the customer must purchase separately a custom video cable from Motorola (P/N FKN8450A (36pin), FKN00011A (60pin)).

This video cable is not part of the ICS kit sold by Havis.


Tahoe Intro

As part of our continued effort to have the broadest portfolio, Havis has designed several consoles for the Chevrolet Tahoe to serve the specific needs of our customers. These consoles offer up to 200% more internal mounting space for mission-critical controls than competitive products.

Havis also offers passenger side mount packages, dash monitor mounts, a variety of trunk mounts, and K9 and prisoner transport units. These solutions provide our customers with a safe, comfortable and fully-equipped mobile office.

Keep your mobile workforce's productivity high by using the most comfortable, safest and highest quality products in the industry. Contact your sales team today to order your ideal solution.

For a full list of compatible solutions for your vehicle, view our Vehicle Application Chart.

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Solutions
Consoles Part #
23" Vehicle Specific Equipment Console C-VS-1013-TAH-1
20" Vehicle Specific Equipment Console (12.5" wide) C-VS-2000-TAH-2
10" Vehicle Specific Equipment Console C-VS-1000-GMC-1
Vehicle and Monitor Mounts Part #
Premium Passenger Side Mount Package PKG-PSM-276
Standard Passenger Side Mount Package PKG-PSM-176
Heavy Duty Vehicle Mount C-HDM-176
Tunnel Mount Assembly C-TMW-GMC-03
Dash Monitor Mount Coming Soon
Trunk Mounts Part #
Universal Storage Box C-SBX-101
Universal Storage Box with Hinged End Door C-SBX-102
Storage Box Option for C-SBX-101 in 2015 Tahoe C-SBX-101-KIT-3
Transport Solutions Part #
K9 Transport System KK-K9-C23-K
K9/Prisoner Transport System KK-K9-C23-K-PT
Interior Window Guard Kit WGI-C23
Integrated Control System Touch Screen

Touch Screen Display

  • 12.1" ultra-durable portrait display
  • Multi-touch operation (pinch & swipe)
  • Pressure sensitive screen allows for use with wet gloves and/or gloves
  • Power and video from a single cable from Embedded Processor
Integrated Control System Tactile Controls

Tactile Controls

  • Convenient tactile control of Touch Screen Display: volume, display brightness and blackout
  • One-touch MODE button easily alternates between the two displays
  • Replaces factory HVAC (climate) controls, hazards and airbag indication
  • Compatible with OEM factory wiring
Integrated Control System A/V Extender

A/V Extender

  • Ability to remotely connect an external audio/video source to the Touch Screen Display such as PC, laptop or tablet
  • Connects VGA or HDMI, micro-USB*, and analog audio to Embedded Processor with a single shielded CAT6A cable, which is designed for an automotive environment
Integrated Control System Embedded Processor

Embedded Processor

  • Mounts in place of OEM AM/FM radio module
  • Controls AM/FM Radio, A/V Extender and optional GPS/WiFi
  • Steering wheel control functionality is highly customizable to provide "one push" operation of critical functions

Integrated Control System Video Display 1VIDEO DISPLAY 1

Driven by the Embedded Processor, the Touch Screen Display provides control for functions such as AM/FM Radio, camera, systems, and settings.

The Touch Screen Display provides the user control of all functions and settings in the Integrated Control System.

Use one-touch MODE button to easily alternate between Video Display 1 and 2.

Integrated Control System Mode Button

Integrated Control System Video Display 2VIDEO DISPLAY 2

The A/V Extender allows for video input from a remote PC, Laptop or Tablet that connects to the Touch Screen Display.

ICS Video Display 1 is driven by the Embedded Processor

The Embedded Processor connects to Ford wiring and replaces the OEM AM/FM Radio Module.Integrated Control System Embedded ProcessorA sophisticated audio management system prioritizes the use of the vehicle’s audio system so important communications are not missed.

In-vehicle computers and equipment are mounted in the trunk

Havis trunk mounts secure and organize equipment

Havis trunk mounts secure and organize the PC, laptop or tablet as well as other in-vehicle equipment. Havis also recommends installing ChargeGuard to prevent dead batteries.

Havis trunk mount in the closed position

In the closed position, Havis’ recommended trunk mounts protect equipment and provide access to the majority of the trunk space for additional storage and transport.

Integration & SafetyTactile ControlsLCD Touch Screen DisplayKeyboard Package

LCD Touch Screen Display

The ultra-wide viewing angle of the sunlight-readable LCD Touch Screen Display gives the driver or passenger full control of the system. It is composed of chemically strengthened glass that can withstand impact without chipping.

The placement and orientation of the Touch Screen Display achieve the ideal position for the driver's and passenger's health, comfort, efficiency and safety.

Integration & Safety

The Integrated Control System is designed to fit the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Ford Police Interceptor Sedan dash without permanent modification. Retrofit can restore original OEM dash or leave the display.

By relocating computers and video sources to the trunk, the Integrated Control System allows for a flush profile of the OEM dash and a clean cockpit. This ensures OEM safety systems are unobstructed and avoids airbag interference.

Tactile Controls

The Integrated Control System features tactile controls for the Touch Screen Display to adjust volume, display brightness and blackout. The one-touch MODE button easily alternates between Video Display 1 and Video Display 2.

These controls replace factory HVAC controls, hazards and air bag indication, and are compatible with OEM factory wiring.

Keyboard Package

In addition to our recommended console mounting packages, Havis offers a mounting and keyboard package, which includes a keyboard, keyboard mounting plate and a tilt-swivel motion device.

Progressive In-vehicle Technology for the Modern Police Fleet