Andrea Felice

Andrea Felice

Yes, Havis will offer customer support at 1-800-458-3410 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EST).

Havis is excited to announce the latest issue of the Havis Equipped Corporate Quarterly Newsletter. Its goals and topics mirror those of this blog, and with it, we strive to offer readers a relevant, informative and interesting publication that provides opportunities in networking, education, fact finding, ideas exchange, etc.

Just before the 4th of July, Cars.com announced that the Ford F-150 ranked #1 on its 2014 American-Made Index, which rates vehicles built and bought in the United States. The annual index considers factors such as the percentage of parts considered domestic under federal regulations, whether the car is assembled in the U.S., and overall U.S. sales.

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Coming soon, the Havis Docking Station for the Getac V110 is designed to secure this fully-rugged convertible notebook in either laptop or tablet orientation.

The complete Havis Docking System for the Apple iPad features a rugged protective case to provide tablet charging and security in mobile workspaces.

Keep your mobile workforce's productivity high by using the most comfortable, safest and highest quality products in the industry. Contact your sales team today to order your ideal docking solution.

Laptop & Tablet Docking Solutions
Getac Laptop/Tablet Docking Station Series
V100 and V200 Convertible Notebooks DS-GTC-100 Series
F110 Rugged Tablet DS-GTC-200 Series
V110 Convertible Notebook DS-GTC-300 Series
T800 Rugged Tablet DS-GTC-400 Series
RX10 Rugged Tablet DS-GTC-500 Series

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Havis docking stations for the Getac's rugged notebooks and tablets improve mobile worker productivity by providing a secure location for charging and connection to essential peripherals, such as printers, keyboards and barcode scanners. With these docking solutions, fleet managers can seamlessly integrate their Getac notebook or tablet into their workforce to enhance productivity without sacrificing quality, safety or longevity.



Dell Intro

Havis docking stations for Dell Latitude rugged laptops are built to keep your computer secure in the toughest mobile environments and to optimize user comfort and performance. Our docking stations undergo extensive quality and safety testing to ensure reliable mobile computing in the field. They also feature full port replication to allow users to connect to peripherals, such as printers for issuing invoices and tickets and mag stripe readers for running credit cards and scanning licenses.