Andrea Felice

Andrea Felice

Yes, the ICS Display is made with a strengthened glass technology, which can withstand impact without chipping.

The ICS software can be updated via the USB port found in the dash or center console.

Software updates and release notes will be provided on the Havis website. Visit the Support tab > Helpful Links > Product Support > Integrated Control System (ICS) > Download the Latest Software. Customers will be notified via e-mail to their point-of-contact when a new release is available.

While an externally-connected computer, laptop or tablet may support a Bluetooth keyboard, the Bluetooth keyboard will not interface with the ICS Applications. Also, a Bluetooth keyboard may experience inconsistent performance with the externally-connected computer, laptop or tablet located in the rear of the vehicle. We recommend a keyboard with a hard-wired USB cable to the ICS for the best connectivity.

No, because keyboard options and preferences are specific to each customer.

Yes, a keyboard can be connected via a USB cable located in the center console.

The ICS does not impact the vehicle warranty. The ICS uses OEM wiring to connect into the vehicle and the OEM trim can be replaced if desired.

No, the ICS replaces most of the Ford SYNC system. However, vehicles equipped with the Ford SYNC will have the ability to utilize the AUX INPUT for audio into the ICS.

The ICS has a 3 year limited warranty from Havis.

Yes, Havis will offer customer support at 1-800-458-3410 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EST).