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MAP Policy

Learn about Havis' Minimum Advertised Price policy. If you do not see your question below, please contact sales through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

What is the Havis MAP Policy?

Resellers of Havis product agree to abide by Havis’ Minimum Advertised Price policy ("MAP Policy") as set forth below.

The reseller agrees it will not publish in any advertisement or other form of media, including but not limited to catalogs, mailers, promotional fliers, or Internet or web sites, a price for a Havis product that is more than twenty percent (20%) off of current MSRP.

The MAP Policy does not prevent the distributor from selling a Havis product at any price it chooses. The MAP Policy applies only to published prices in any form of media. It does not prevent the distributor from submitting a bid for the sale of a Havis product, at a price lower that it could advertise the product under the MAP Policy.

Failure to comply with this MAP Policy shall have the following consequences:

  1. First violation the Reseller will receive a written warning from Havis. 
  2. Second violation, the Reseller will be immediately suspended from the Havis Reseller program for at least one year. Reseller may be reinstated to the program upon written request. 
  3. Third violation, the Reseller will be permanently terminated from the Reseller program and, at its discretion; the manufacture may close the Resellers direct account with Havis.