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Website Inquiries

Learn how to utilize the Havis website and obtain login information. If you do not see your question below, please contact sales through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

What is my website login information?

Havis has two different types of logins for website users.

1) Request for Quote module:  To reset your password, visit the Request for Quote login page and follow the directions for resetting.

2) Preferred Reseller Portal: To get login information for your Reseller account, please contact the Marketing department through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

How do I search Havis products?

Havis offers a customized search option at the top of each page for both the main website and the Products area. Under the Products tab, you will find the Havis Product Search, which allows users to look up products by part number or product family.

The two searches engines are differentiated by the following phrases within the search box:

1) Search Havis: This general site search is available on all pages except for those under the Products tab. It provides a thorough search of the entire Havis website, including all products.

2) Havis Product Search: This search option was transferred from the original Havis Product Site and, as mentioned above, locates specific products by part number or product family. This option does not search general website content outside of the Products area.

If I find an error on the website, who do I contact?

In order to notify Havis of potential website issues, please fill out the Contact Us form under the Company tab, and enter the specific issues under Questions/Comments.

Are all products within each picture included in that part number?

In many cases, Havis uses photos that illustrate how a product is used as part of a full system. An individual photo may have many different products in addition to the product you are referencing. Be sure to check the Features & Benefits and Additional Info area for specifics on what is/is not included.

Where can I send suggestions?

We welcome feedback and suggestions. If you have information you would like to send us, please fill out our Contact Us form under the Company tab.