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Order Issues

For order issues, please refer to the below information. If you do not see your question below, please contact sales through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

What should I do if my order is missing hardware or components?

If you are missing any components from an order, please first check the paperwork and shipping cartons. The bottom of the packing list shows the number of boxes/pallets that were shipped, so make sure that number equals what was received.

Often, bagged hardware is either zip tied directly to each part or included within the shrink-wrapped package.

Boxes that are shipped out will have either a "carton contents" label or a "part ID" label.  A carton contents label displays the entire sales order in label form and is adhered to the top of the box. This label is used when there are multiple items inside a box. It will list the quantity of each part that is inside that particular box, and there will be a 1 of X number of boxes field at the bottom.

A part ID label is used when there is just one part inside of a box.

If you are still unable to locate components, please contact Havis Sales through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

What information do I need to provide when calling about missing parts or parts that don’t fit?

In order to trigger a prompt and detailed response for order or installation questions, please provide your order number, reseller name, product part number(s) and any other helpful information. Also refer to the installation instructions, owner's manual and/or parts breakdown to be sure of the issue.