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Integrated Control System (ICS)

Learn more about the installation and functionality of the Havis Integrated Control System. If you do not see your question below, please contact sales through our Contact Us form.

Will Havis have a HELP DESK for this product?

Yes, Havis will offer customer support at 1-800-458-3410 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EST).

How long does the ICS warranty last?

The ICS has a 3 year limited warranty from Havis.

Will the Ford SYNC® system tie into the ICS Display?

No, the ICS replaces most of the Ford SYNC system. However, vehicles equipped with the Ford SYNC will have the ability to utilize the AUX INPUT for audio into the ICS.

How is the OEM vehicle warranty affected once the ICS is installed?

The ICS does not impact the vehicle warranty. The ICS uses OEM wiring to connect into the vehicle and the OEM trim can be replaced if desired.

Will the ICS work with a keyboard?

Yes, a keyboard can be connected via a USB cable located in the center console.

Does a keyboard come with the ICS?

No, because keyboard options and preferences are specific to each customer.

Will the ICS work with a Bluetooth keyboard?

While an externally-connected computer, laptop or tablet may support a Bluetooth keyboard, the Bluetooth keyboard will not interface with the ICS Applications. Also, a Bluetooth keyboard may experience inconsistent performance with the externally-connected computer, laptop or tablet located in the rear of the vehicle. We recommend a keyboard with a hard-wired USB cable to the ICS for the best connectivity.

How do I find out the software version of my ICS?

Go to Settings > About Device > Build Number.

How are ICS software updates implemented?

The ICS software can be updated via the USB port found in the dash or center console.

Software updates and release notes will be provided on the Havis website. Visit the Support tab > Helpful Links > Product Support > Integrated Control System (ICS) > Download the Latest Software. Customers will be notified via e-mail to their point-of-contact when a new release is available.

Can I use my Bluetooth phone with the ICS?

Yes, read on...

IMPORTANT: Your Bluetooth phone can be paired with the Havis Integrated Control System when you also purchase the Hands-Free Microphone cable and Bluetooth antenna kit:

Havis Part Number ICS-A-0013 (SOLD SEPARATELY).

The vehicle must have the Hands-Free Microphone installed in the headliner above the drivers seat for this kit to work.

Does the ICS Display have a durable screen?

Yes, the ICS Display is made with a strengthened glass technology, which can withstand impact without chipping.

What can be displayed on the ICS?

The ICS supports inputs from a computer and/or camera. Video Display 1 mode is dedicated to display the ICS Application in the upper and lower portion of the screen. Video Display 2 mode acts as a secondary monitor of high-resolution video from a computer, laptop or tablet in portrait orientation.

Can the laptop screen be displayed in the upper or lower window?

No, the laptop is only displayed in full-screen portrait orientation in Video Display 2 mode.

Can the Steering Wheel Control (SWC) buttons be used to control the ICS?

The user will need administrative rights to change the SWC operation. See the owner's manual for detailed instructions.

Can the ICS settings be distributed across a fleet of vehicles?

Yes, the ICS settings can be exported to a USB memory stick and imported to additional fleet vehicles. See the owner's manual for detailed instructions.

Can I listen to audio from my laptop located in the trunk?

Yes, the ICS will help simplify your vehicle speakers and audio devices. The four vehicle speakers will share audio inputs from your computer's audio via the A/V Extender, as well as inputs from the AM/FM/WB Radio and, in systems with SYNC, the 3.5mm audio jack in the dash. You will need to adjust the volume levels to your desired settings.

How is the ICS powered?

The ICS is directly connected to the vehicle power system through the OEM wire harness. Any externally mounted computer, laptop or tablet will need to be powered individually. Havis recommends installing ChargeGuard® on all externally mounted equipment to prevent dead batteries.

Can I boot up the computer from the ICS?

The ICS will not power up your externally connected device. However, a minor modification to your device's BIOS will allow the device to turn on when the vehicle key is in the ACC or RUN positions.

What screen resolution is required on the ICS display?

The ICS display supports 800 x 1280, 1024 x 1280, and 1024 x 1600 screen resolutions.

Can I use the USB port for other USB devices?

No, the ICS USB ports only support keyboard, mouse, touch-screen feedback and software upgrades. All other USB devices will need to be connected to your externally mounted computer, laptop or tablet. The USB port can be used to charge your device.

Can I download applications or view images through the USB port?

The ICS does not support USB application or image downloads.

Will the ICS work with the Motorola MW810 computer?

Yes, the ICS will work with the Motorola MW810 computer, but the customer must purchase separately a custom video cable from Motorola (P/N FKN8450A (36pin), FKN00011A (60pin)).

This video cable is not part of the ICS kit sold by Havis.

Do you have a recommended mounting location for the computer, laptop or tablet instead of the trunk or cargo area?

Mounting the computer, laptop or tablet on a docking station on the front side of the partition behind the passenger seat is the recommended alternative location. This location proves to be best for mounting space, climate control and safety concerns.

What are the minimum requirements for a computer to work with the ICS?

  1. One VGA or HDMI video port
  2. One USB port
  3. One audio port
  4. An operating system that supports a display with 800x1280 resolution in portrait orientation

How long does it take to install the ICS?

The base ICS installation time is estimated to be 1.5 to 2 hours. Complete vehicle installation, including console, docking station, ChargeGuard and computer configuration, typically requires an additional 3 to 4 hours, depending upon the vehicle and specific equipment being installed. If the vehicle has existing partitions, cabinets or other obstacles, the installation may take longer. Reviewing and confirming details with your installer prior to commencing work is strongly recommended.

What is the Havis ICS Support and Repair Policy?

Download Havis ICS Support and Repair Policy (PDF)

Does the OEM backup camera work with the ICS?

The ICS works with the MY16-17 Ford INUT OEM backup camera when paired with an optional camera adapter cable purchased separately from Havis (ICS-A-0012).  The ICS does not work with MY13-15 Ford INUT or MY13-17 Ford INSE OEM backup cameras, but does support third-party backup cameras installed on these vehicles by connecting the camera's NTSC video output to the RCA plug on the ICS harness.  Ford offers Option 87R (free option) to have the OEM backup camera video displayed in the rear view mirror on the MY16-17 INUT.

Can I install the ICS into a different vehicle model, year or type than originally ordered?

Yes. You may need to change, replace or modify existing components to accommodate a different model year or type.

Contact the Havis Technical Support Group (1-800-458-3410) for specific requirements.