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Product Specific Information

Get more information on our various products, including docking stations, consoles, mounting solutions and transport units. If you do not see your question below, please contact sales through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

How do I search Havis products?

Havis offers a customized search option at the top of each page for both the main website and the Products area. Under the Products tab, you will find the Havis Product Search, which allows users to look up products by part number or product family.

The two searches engines are differentiated by the following phrases within the search box:

1) Search Havis: This general site search is available on all pages except for those under the Products tab. It provides a thorough search of the entire Havis website, including all products.

2) Havis Product Search: This search option was transferred from the original Havis Product Site and, as mentioned above, locates specific products by part number or product family. This option does not search general website content outside of the Products area.

Where can I view a list of new released products?

The ongoing "Havis New Products Released" document can now be viewed on the New Released Products page. Visit the Support tab > Helpful Links > Product Support > New Released Products.

Where can I find product features and specs?

All product information, including features, specifications, images of the product in use, and helpful documentation, is available on each product specification page.

How can I tell that I have power to my dock?

Power indicators vary by docking station, so please refer to your docking station owner's manual for this information.  Also, you can check the charge indicator on the computer. If there is no power to the dock, you will not charge the computer.

How would I know am using the correct port of my serial ports? 

Serial port (Com Port) assignment will vary according to docking station type, computer and configuration. For clarification, please contact Havis Technical Support through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

What type of connection do I need to connect my external antenna?

For all Panasonic and Dell models, antennas use TNC connectors. For General Dynamics, one antenna is TNC and one antenna is SMA.

Can I dock a single antenna computer on a dual antenna dock (or vice versa)?

No, the interface connectors are physically different and not compatible.

Where can I download docking drivers?

Havis offers a section within the Support Center dedicated to Docking Drivers. Visit the Support tab > Helpful Links > Product Support > Docking Drivers.

What is the difference between Premium and Standard Mount Packages?

The main difference between the Standard and Premium Passenger Side Mount Packages is improved motion and stability. The Premium Packages offer a side support with an even sturdier mount than the Standard Packages. The upgraded motion device allows for positive locking rotation control and slide-in-and-out positioning of the computer. The upgraded pole allows for on-the-go height adjustment via a conveniently located handle.

How can I order a 1-piece equipment bracket?

Havis Equipment Brackets secure a wide range of control heads into our consoles. If you cannot find a listing for a specific control head, look at the universal 2-piece equipment brackets for a solution. To find a 2-piece bracket, you will need the width and height of your equipment. Our Equipment Bracket Crossover Chart will help you determine which bracket set is needed.

If a customer desires a 1-piece equipment bracket, please contact a Havis Sales Representative to see if we can help. Not all brackets requests will be granted due to quantity and popularity of control head.

If a 1-piece bracket request is approved, a loaner/sample control head must be shipped to the below address along with a completed Havis 1-Piece Equipment Bracket Ordering Form.

Why can't I find emergency scene lighting products on your website?

Havis no longer supports emergency scene lighting products. R.O.M. Corporation has purchased the lighting product line and would be glad to answer any questions you may have.