What You Need to Know

From design to application, Havis can show you what goes into creating a safe and comfortable mobile workspace for a wide range of industries.

Havis Principles

Learn More About Our Mission, Vision, Values & Product Value Proposition

The Havis Principles express the company's Mission, Vision, Values and Product Value Proposition. To view the Havis Quality Policy or to learn about our ISO 9001 Certification, please visit the Havis Certifications page.

Our Design Philosophy

Increase Productivity Through Comfort, Safety & Quality
Havis is defining the mobile workspace by offering a complete line of products that maximize mobile worker productivity with comfortable solutions, built to the highest safety standards, with a focus on quality. At Havis, the customer's experience and safety is our top priority.

Havis Is a Key Component of Your Total Mobility Solution

Safety, Uptime & Productivity Matter
Havis docking solutions secure and protect laptops and tablets in any environment while providing access to peripherals and power. Our vehicle specific mounting bases provide the strongest mounting solutions for valuable computing equipment.

The Havis Experience

Havis Focuses on New Organizational Hierarchy for Strategic Growth
Learn how Havis utilizes Creative Solutions, Education, Business Development, Communication, Opportunity Assessment and Quality to provide unsurpassed service and support.  This framework helps Havis build on its expertise, maximize efficiency and streamline operations.

Havis Solutions

Havis Offers Packaged, Configured & Engineered Solutions
Havis categorized the types of solutions we offer to make the ordering process easier on you. While some customers prefer a pre-configured Packaged Solution, others require a higher level of specificity, such as our Configured Solution or fully-customized Engineered Solution.

How to Create a Mobile Workspace

Create a Mobile Workspace to Fit Your Needs
Building a solution to fit your needs and the specifications of your vehicle can be an intimidating task. With a little guidance, you will learn how to create a safe and comfortable mobile office that will maximize worker productivity and increase job satisfaction.

Who We Serve

Public Safety, Military, Utility, Industrial, Transportation, Healthcare
Havis manufactures in-vehicle mobile office solutions for public safety, military and government, utility and public works, transportation and mobile professionals. For over 80 years, the Havis mission has been to increase mobile worker productivity with industry-leading products.

Havis Online

An Online Training Series for Product Education & Company Values
Havis Online is an ongoing online training series that teaches attendees about Havis values and products, identifies the business needs that our products help address, and helps differentiate our products against the competition.