Havis works to identify National Installation companies for the benefit of our entire network should they need their expertise.  While we constantly develop new partnerships, we highly recommend you do your own due diligence prior to choosing one to assist with a project.

As technologies evolve vehicles get more complex, and so do their upfits. Mobile office solutions must be specific to business problems, and work function requirements. Vehicle upfits impact the intended job application of the vehicle, as well as budget & time. Fleets benefit from customized mobile solutions, but it takes thoughtful planning and organization to achieve successful deployments.  Best in class fleet managers constantly look at current processes, areas for improvement, and ways to save time and money. For instance, is outsourcing upfits a more effective use of time and funds in the long run, as opposed to in-house installs?  To answer this question and others Download Your Free Professional Installation and Upfit Guide

Havis strongly suggests you take every opportunity to be consistently well informed - ask your industry peers, look at multiple mobile industries, research technology advancements, talk to your vendors about their latest product offerings, and know the players in the space. The more educated you are, the more you can clearly communicate with your upfitter. An experienced upfitter will appreciate the knowledge and value you bring, as it helps them provide you exactly what you want. Mutual deployment success depends on the communication atmosphere, cooperation and trust of everyone involved. 

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Last modified on 07/24/18