Case Studies

Our products have proven themselves in the field by withstanding severe car crashes and rollovers.


Our Design Philosophy


Havis is defining the mobile workspace by offering a complete line of products that maximize mobile worker productivity with comfortable solutions, built to the highest safety standards, with a focus on quality.

Havis – Productivity in motion™

Comfort Matters

Havis Designs Solutions That Prevent Back, Wrist and Eye Strain
Advances in mobile computing have turned today's vehicles into a fully functional offices. Unfortunately, mobile workers often discover that the benefits of mobility come at the expense of comfort and performance -- and sometimes even health and safety. MORE ON COMFORT

Toughest in Safety

We Test the Total Solution to the Highest Standards
We consider the little things like molded sides and edges to prevent cuts to your hands. And we handle the big ones, like ensuring our docking stations have a rock-solid grip on your computer, so it won't become a projectile during an accident. MORE ON SAFETY

Top Quality Products

Our Commitment to Quality Includes Advanced Product Quality Planning
The mobile office greatly depends on computers, networks and Internet connections to stay productive. Reliable solutions are critical in a mobile environment, where your equipment may be subjected to rocky terrain, power spikes or even a car crash. MORE ON QUALITY