Case Studies

Our products have proven themselves in the field by withstanding severe car crashes and rollovers.


Toughest in Safety

Safety is a major concern in collisions, and objects like a laptop or peripherals can quickly become dangerous projectiles. Havis ensures safety by understanding air bags and the vehicle, preventing such projectiles and testing the total solution.

Testing the Total Solution

We Test the Entire System, Not Just Individual Components
Our total solutions undergo the toughest testing in the industry, including 30 MPH crash tests and air bag deployment simulations. Vibration tests on our mounting systems simulate impact events and rocky terrain, while rollover simulations ensure your computer won't eject.

Preventing Projectiles

Keep Your Computer Where It Belongs -- Safely Docked
The locking mechanism on our docking stations keeps your laptop securely locked, and even strengthens as force is applied in a crash. Havis motion devices also lock into place to prevent accidental swinging and allows your computer to be safely stowed.
Preventing Projectiles

Understanding Air Bags and the Vehicle

Understanding Air Bags and the Vehicle

Havis Engineers Solutions Around Air Bag Zones and Sensors
Havis takes the initiative to define air bag zones for each vehicle, design a possible solution, and test that solution for real world application. Additionally, the plastic siding on our docking stations allows an air bag to brush by without snagging and protects against accidental cuts.