Case Studies

Our products have proven themselves in the field by withstanding severe car crashes and rollovers.


How to Create a Mobile Workspace

Building a solution to fit your needs and the specifications of your vehicle can be an intimidating task. The following information will explain how to create a safe and comfortable mobile office that will maximize worker productivity and increase job satisfaction.

Secure a Computer

Docking Stations, Cradles & Mounts to Meet Your Computing Needs
Havis docking solutions secure and protect specific laptop models while providing access to peripherals and power. With a Havis solution, you can experience all office amenities while on the go with our smart and safe keyboard, printer, CPU module and bar scanner mounts. MORE

Mount Equipment

Consoles That Make Your Equipment Easy to See, Reach & Operate
To help customers organize switches, radios, sirens, cup holders, arm rests and other accessories, Havis offers the industry's broadest array of consoles. Designed to make installation easier, our Vehicle Specific consoles simply attach to or replace the OEM console. MORE

Transport Prisoners

Prisoner Transport Systems for Cargo & Passenger Vans
These systems convert cargo and passenger vans into heavy-duty inmate transports while ensuring officer and passenger safety. Offered in different lengths and compartment options, these units not only help transport people, but can also be used for evidence or storage. MORE

Protect K9 Partners

K9 Transport Units for Sedans & SUVs
We design our units for officers and their canine partners with safety, comfort, visibility and space in mind. Available for sedans and for SUVs, these systems offer large side openings for improved K9 entry and exit as well as easier access for cleaning. MORE

Save Power & Fuel

Power Management Solutions That Prevent Dead Batteries & Wasted Fuel
Auto shut-off timers safeguard expensive communications devices and computers with intelligent circuitry protection to prevent dead batteries. Our fuel management system provides substantial fuel savings, and decreases engine wear and harmful emissions. MORE