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Our products have proven themselves in the field by withstanding severe car crashes and rollovers.


Secure a Computer

Havis' wide range of computing and mounting solutions and peripheral accessories are a perfect fit for any agency using their vehicle as a mobile workstation. We offer the industry's most reliable platform for connecting peripherals, which will greatly improve productivity.

Click on any of the below to learn how to secure a laptop, tablet or other device in your vehicle, or review the Havis Guide to Universal Tablet Mounting.

  • Docking Stations
  • Cradle Only Computing
  • Weatherproof Docking
  • Handheld Computing
  • Monitor/Keyboard Mounts
  • Mounts & Motion Devices
  • Access to Peripherals
  • Materials & Finish

Docking Stations

Havis docking stations are available for Panasonic, Dell, Getac, and more. By providing the industry's safest and most secure docking solutions, we keep your expensive laptop where it belongs -- docked. Our docking stations replicate all the connectivity your laptop provides, and keeps you securely connected to every peripheral your mobile workspace requires.

Docking Stations

Cradle Only Computing

"Cradle Only" refers to docking stations with no electronics built into them. Between our laptop specific docking stations and the Universal Laptop Mount, Havis allows you to dock any brand of laptop computer without sacrificing safety and durability.

Whether you use mobile computing every day or simply when you are away from a fixed location, having the peace of mind that our laptop cradles provide will allow you to transition easily from office to vehicle. With its focus on safety, ergonomics and quality, they are designed to work with the driver and passenger to provide comfortable and productive mobile computing.

Cradle Only Computing

Weatherproof Docking

Havis now offers the new Weatherproof Docking Station for the Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook. This docking station is an ideal solution for the most extreme environments. The Weatherproof Docking Station earned an Ingress Protection rating of IP65, which means it is "dust tight" and able to protect against jets of water from every direction, a force similar to that of heavy seas.

Protect your laptop from the elements in the following applications and more:

  • Marine Patrol
  • U.S. Armed Forces
  • Boating
  • Mining
  • Weather Research
Weatherproof Docking

Handheld Computing

For outdoor applications where space is an issue, Havis and Panasonic teamed up to provide a solution that is both rugged and portable -- the CF-U1 Ultra-Mobile PC and docking station. Our docking station is compact for easy access to UPMC buttons, keyboard and stylus, and allows for easy, one-handed docking and latching.

Enjoy safe and comfortable on-the-go computing in the following applications and more:

  • Forest Services & Gaming Commission
  • Motorcycle & Bicycle Patrol
  • Warehouse & Inventory
  • Code Enforcement
Handheld Computing

Monitor/Keyboard Mounts

The Havis monitor mount system utilizes interchangeable parts to mount your monitor and keyboard to any vehicle, without permanent modification. Your monitor will conveniently tilt and swivel for optimal viewing angles for both driver and passenger.

Designed to fit Motorola, L3, Data 911, Amrel, Dell, Panasonic, and more, this system is an excellent space-saving solution that allows you to mount additional equipment in a console.

Monitor/Keyboard Mounts

Mounts & Motion Devices

Our Heavy Duty Mounts and Motion Devices combine the perfect balance of strength, safety and smooth operation that is worthy of your most mission-critical computer devices.

A full line of options will improve ergonomics and enable comfortable use of all equipment:

  • Vehicle Specific Mounting Bases with angled offset brackets position the system closer to the driver and mount to existing OEM seat bolts for easy installation.
  • Motion Devices feature an adjustable, quick-release handle that safely and easily position laptops and docking stations.
  • Swing Arms with motion adapters are ideal for computer usage from both the driver and front passenger seats. Their ruggedized design protects occupants and equipment in quick maneuvers and crash situations.
  • Side support arms add upper pole support for premium top level stability and are highly recommended for all Heavy Duty Mount applications.

Access to Peripherals

Reliable access to office amenities like printers, keyboards, bar scanners and antennas is a must in many mobile workspaces. Havis docking stations integrate intelligent port replication that allows you to safely connect to your peripherals while minimizing the risk of accidental disconnects.

Access to Peripherals

Materials & Finish

Our docking stations are constructed with strong, lightweight aluminum, and feature plastic side rails that prevent accidental cuts and allow an air bag to brush by without snagging. Havis Mounting Bases are made with smooth, heavy gauge steel that eliminates wobble and vibration, which can strain your eyes and make reading difficult.

Materials & Finish