Who We Serve

For over 80 years, Havis has provided mobile workforces with industry-leading products that are built to the highest safety and quality standards and are designed with comfort in mind. Havis proudly serves the following markets.

Public Safety

Police, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Ambulance, Motorcycle & Marine Patrol
As departments increasingly adapt Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), e-ticketing, video capture and records management, they require not only the use of laptops mounted in vehicles, but also printers, magstripe readers, antennas and numerous other peripherals. MORE

Military & Government

U.S. Armed Forces, Dept. of Corrections & Justice, Homeland Security
Havis solutions for military customers are tested to standards above and beyond those of the typical rugged industry. Additionally, Havis' wide range of computing and mounting solutions are a perfect fit for any agency that uses their vehicle as a mobile workstation. MORE

Utility & Public Works

Construction, Mining, Warehouse, Agriculture, Operation Engineers
Let Havis help you turn your vehicle into a mobile office with products like our Universal Laptop Mount, which allows you dock any laptop in your vehicle. Havis can also help you eliminate dead batteries with our power management products, ChargeGuard and IdleRight. MORE


Logistics, Aviation, Busses, Delivery Services, Trucking, Taxi-Limo
Employees in the transportation industry spend long hours in their vehicles. At Havis, our goal is to create a comfortable mobile workspace that minimizes strain on your arms, back and eyes. Our ergonomic solutions are designed according to the ideal office setting. MORE


Hospitals, Physician Practices, Pharmaceutical Reps, Healthcare Facilities
Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals now rely on rugged laptops and tablets to access and update medical and patient records. Havis docking stations provide a secure location for both laptop and tablet charging, as well as access to Internet and peripherials. MORE

Mobile Professionals

Field Service Workers, Insurance Agents, Sales & Pharmaceutical Reps
For the mobile professional, staying online and productive on the road is a must. No matter what the application, Havis' lightweight and durable docks provide the most reliable platform for on-the-go computing and use of peripherals, greatly improving productivity. MORE