Military & Government

U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Department of Justice, Homeland Security

Safety and Reliability in Any Environment

Safety and Reliability in Any Environment

Fundamentally, military customers require standards above and beyond those of the typical rugged industry. Havis can meet them. Whether it is ballistic shock, ingress protection, mil-spec connectors, or salt spray -- Havis can design a purpose built docking and mounting solution for your unique requirements.

Havis knows ergonomics and comfort extend beyond traditional issues in a vehicle, including lighting and situational awareness. All of our products are designed to reduce mental and physical fatigue, eyestrain, sore muscles and joints, therefore helping to reduce user downtime.

Havis provides versatile solutions for all types of connectivity with product and design solutions for even the most unique challenges. Customers can rely on Havis to provide a solution for their specific mounting needs.

Mounting and Docking Solutions

Havis earned the reputation as an industry-leading manufacturer of mounting and docking solutions because of our exceptional ruggedness, reliability and innovation. Equipped with the most stable mounting platforms and the most versatile docking stations on the market, our customers can respond to the demands of any situation. Havis' ruggedized technology and advanced connectivity provide access to vital information while ensuring in-vehicle operator safety.

K9 and Prisoner Transport Solutions

Havis K9 inserts are a single compartment, easy-to-install module with a unique white powder coat finish that makes for easy cleaning and helps to quickly identify any blood from an injured dog. All of Havis' K9 units are constructed with rounded corners and molded edges to ensure your canine's safety while getting in and out of the unit. The heavy-duty aluminum construction provides long lasting durability for years of continuous use.

Havis also builds outstanding prisoner transport systems for standard and extended length Ford and Chevrolet vans. Offered in four different lengths, the units allow you to transport a combination of 6 to 12 people in 1 to 4 compartments as well as offer room for storage. These solutions minimize risk to officers and inmates while maximizing efficiency of use.

We're not just for the uniformed user.

Havis' wide range of computing and mounting solutions and peripheral accessories are a perfect fit for any agency that uses their vehicle as a mobile workstation.

Whether its undercover work, private security, secret service, FBI, ATF, CIA, IRS - Havis has a solution for you and your vehicle's needs.