Havis computing and mounting solutions can improve productivity for hospitals, physician practices, pharmaceutical reps, healthcare facilities, home health professionals, and more.
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Improving Patient Care With New Technologies

Improving Patient Care With New Technologies

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals now rely on rugged laptops and tablets to access and update medical and patient records and to transcribe prescriptions. These devices help healthcare professionals eliminate unnecessary paperwork and minimize costly, and potentially error-prone, data entry.

Physician tablet use, specifically, has significantly increased in recent years, with more than 60 percent of U.S. physicians owning a tablet and almost half of those using their device at the point-of-care.

Computing and Mounting Solutions

Havis docking stations provide a secure location for both laptop and tablet charging, as well as access to Internet and peripherals, such as printers and keyboards. By ensuring reliable docking and performance, our durable computing solutions are ideal for hospitals and other healthcare environments.

Havis offers low-profile docking stations that comply with medical wall mounting requirements, allowing physicians to conveniently mount their tablets in patient rooms, the nurses' station and operating rooms. In addition to these model-specific docking stations, we also offer the Universal Laptop and Tablet Mounts, which are compatible with a wide variety of manufacturers.

Doctors can avoid the hassle of switching from their tablet to desktop computer with Havis' Desktop Stand for Tablet Docking Stations. With the docking station's easy access to peripherals, doctors can transition smoothly between rounds and office hours.