Mobile Professionals

Field Service Workers, Insurance Agents, Sales & Pharmaceutical Reps

Computing Solutions

Computing Solutions

For the mobile professional, the ability to safely use your laptop on the road is essential. At Havis, we enhance productivity with comfortable and reliable solutions that will keep your mobile office up and running. Our universal laptop mounts let you dock any brand of computer inside your vehicle, keeping it safe and secure while out on the job.

You can also enjoy all office amenities while on the go with our smart and safe keyboard, printer, CPU module, and bar scanner mounts. A large selection of communications hubs, laptop lighting, screen stiffeners, harnesses, airbag controls, and other accessories are available for the complete solution.

Mounting Solutions

Havis adapts the ideal office setting to each vehicle to design ergonomic mobile computing solutions that prevent physical strain. Havis motion devices ease back and wrist strain while easily and securely positioning your peripherals, and providing customized viewing angles and adjustable height for the driver and front passenger. Our thicker Mounting Bases and Heavy Duty Telescoping Poles minimize vibration and rattle, therefore reducing eye strain.

Ergonomics in the mobile office do not apply only to the driver. Our Heavy Duty Passenger Side Mounts are angled to provide more leg room for front passengers.