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Computing Solutions

Computing Solutions

As departments increasingly adapt Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), e-ticketing, video capture and records management they require not only the use of laptops mounted in vehicles, but also printers, magstripe readers, antennas and numerous other peripherals. Havis works to integrate these devices in a way that minimizes impact on road officers.

Havis docking stations are available for Panasonic, Dell, General Dynamics-Itronix and more. No matter what your mobile computing application, Havis' lightweight and durable docks provide the industry's most reliable platform for connecting peripherals, greatly improving productivity. The Universal Laptop Mount allows you to dock any brand of laptop computer without sacrificing crash test standards and durability.

Havis provides the industry's safest and most secure docking solutions, keeping your expensive laptop where it belongs: docked. They are tested to the highest standards and are engineered with security and safety in mind. The end result? Comfort, Safety, and Quality.

Mounting Solutions

To help police departments organize the switches, radios, sirens, cup-holders, arm rests, and other accessories, Havis offers the industry's broadest array of consoles. Designed to make installation easier, our Vehicle Specific consoles simply attach to or replace the OEM console. ConsolidatorĀ® consoles have been a proven benchmark since 1993.

A full line of printer mounts, arm rests, cup holders and other accessories are available to complete your mobile office access.

When deploying solutions, consistency of design matters. While many competitors showcase products for the standard police vehicles, Havis offers the broadest product line in the industry, ensuring all your vehicles get properly outfitted.

Transport Solutions

Havis Kwik-KitĀ® Prisoner Transport Systems easily convert cargo and passenger vans into heavy-duty inmate transports while ensuring officer and passenger safety. Offered in four different lengths with one to four compartment options, these units not only help transport people, but can also be used for patrol, storage or moving large evidence.

Our award-winning K9 Transport Units are available for sedans and SUVs, and are designed to maximize officer and canine safety, comfort, visibility and space. These systems offer large side openings for improved canine entry and exit, as well as easier access for cleaning. Optional equipment includes vehicle temperature control, air circulation and ventilation technology to keep canines safe and comfortable.

Power Management Solutions

The IdleRight is a purpose-built Idle Reduction system designed to allow emergency vehicles to be turned off with warning lights flashing. The system then monitors battery levels and only starts the vehicle as required, greatly reducing engine wear and fuel consumption.

IdleRight is ideal in traffic details or construction zones where a police vehicle is required with warning lights operating, but the officer is not required to remain in or with the vehicle.

Customer Testimonial


I purchased a Havis mount for my patrol car and the only thing that I wish I had done differently was to have gotten it sooner. The whole unit is bulletproof and rock solid. My computer doesn't move around. Even if I shake the unit, my patrol car moves, not the computer. The unit from the floor board to the top is built out of steel and no plastic to be found. The best part of getting the Havis mount was that I was able to throw away the chunk of wood that was once used to hold my old mount in place. Thanks for the great products you make.


Deputy Garrett Abel, Wayne County Sheriff's Office