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Mobile Office Solutions

Mobile Office Solutions

When the majority of your day is spent inside a vehicle, you need a comfortable mobile workspace that minimizes strain on your back, wrists and eyes. Havis Consolidator consoles are ergonomically designed to make your radio equipment easy to see, reach, and operate while creating additional space and comfort.

In addition to our consoles, Havis offers docking stations to secure and protect specific laptop models while providing access to peripherals and power. We also have universal laptop mounting products that work with a wide array of notebook computers.

Job satisfaction and productivity are dependent on how comfortable a worker is when performing his or her duties. Simple things like access to cup holders and availability of armrests can influence user acceptance of the equipment, and can greatly affect daily productivity.

Power Management Solutions

ChargeGuard auto shut-off timers safeguard expensive communications devices and computers with intelligent circuitry protection, ultimately ensuring you will never have a dead battery again.

Our IdleRight fuel management system provides substantial fuel savings, decreased engine wear and harmful emissions, while exceeding most states' anti-idling regulations.