Havis Docking Stations for Panasonic Computers

Havis offers industry-leading docking solutions for Panasonic's fully-rugged line of Toughbook computers. For a brief overview, download Havis Docking Solutions for Panasonic Computers.

The following information provides additional details on our Panasonic docking solutions.

What Does It Mean to Be Toughbook Certified?

What Does It Mean to Be Toughbook Certified?

  • Docking stations must pass Panasonic's rigorous testing process and meet its demanding performance standards
  • Toughbook Certified solutions are fully compatible with Panasonic Toughbook laptops and Toughpad tablets
  • Havis Toughbook Certified docking stations are the safest and most reliable for rugged, mobile computing applications -- they are even tested beyond the Toughbook standards


Available Products

Keep your mobile workforce's productivity high by using the most comfortable, safest and highest quality products in the industry. Contact your sales team today to order your ideal docking solution.

Toughbook Certified Laptop Docking Solutions
Panasonic Toughbook Docking Station Series
Toughbook CF-30 and CF-31 DS-PAN-110 Series
Toughbook CF-19 DS-PAN-210/220 Series
Toughbook CF-53 DS-PAN-410 Series
Toughbook Certified Tablet Docking Solutions
Panasonic Toughpad/Toughbook Docking Station Series
Toughpad FZ-A1 DS-PAN-500 Series
Toughbook H2 DS-PAN-600 Series
Toughpad FZ-G1 DS-PAN-700 Series
Toughpad JT-B1 DS-PAN-800 Series
Toughpad FZ-M1 DS-PAN-900 Series
Toughbook U1 DS-PAN-300 Series