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Havis Provides Industry Insights for a Successful Mobility Strategy

By outlining future goals, companies will be able to better solve their business problems and select the proper components for their total mobility solution.

December 19, 2013

Havis Provides Industry Insights for a Successful Mobility Strategy

When evaluating mobility strategies for 2014, it's important that businesses address all aspects of their total mobility solutions. A successful solution will not only increase mobile workforce productivity, but also decrease overall costs and improve worker safety. Havis Inc. released the below checklist of equipment and services as a guide for companies interested in building a total mobility solution to solve their business problems.


total mobility solution includes software to solve the business problem for the end user, hardware to run this software in the vehicle, connectivity to keep workers productive, and integration into back-end systems. It also consists of the docking and mounting solutions for hardware, professional installers for this equipment, and accessories like keyboards and printers to complete the total solution.

Companies that invest in software and hardware to mobilize workforce management face specific business problems relating to productivity, safety and overall costs. Identifying these problems and outlining future goals allows businesses to better understand the big picture and select the proper components for their total mobility solution.


A comprehensive software platform can enhance productivity and solve business problems such as vehicle tracking, real time reporting, information sharing and return on investment (ROI) tracking. When researching these platforms, companies should also consider the most appropriate and reliable hardware for the mobile environments their drivers will encounter. Laptops, tablets and other hardware must be capable of running whatever software is needed.

Computing, radio and vehicle accessories also play a crucial role in rounding out an in-vehicle workspace. Peripherals like printers, keyboards, bar code scanners and antennas provide mobile workers with essential office amenities for daily tasks. Additionally, companies can utilize vehicle accessories like the Havis ChargeGuard® Auto Shut-off Timer, which prevents dead batteries, or the IdleRight™, which minimizes engine idling and decreases fuel consumption.


Proper connectivity and integration to back-end systems minimize downtime and provide mobile employees with the most up-to-date information in the field. If this component of the total mobility solution is overlooked, remote technology issues are more likely to occur, which can halt productivity and may also require travel back to an office or station for resolution.


Businesses are making substantial investments in software and hardware to mobilize workforce management. High-quality docking and mounting solutions help protect expensive software and hardware and maintain connectivity. Havis docking stations secure laptops and tablets in just about any environment and integrate intelligent port replication for reliable access to power and peripherals, which is critical for mobile workers. Havis also offers cradle-only solutions, which refer to docking stations with no electronics built into them. Universal tablet or laptop cradles allow the user to secure most device brands without sacrificing safety or durability.

Havis mounting solutions organize in-vehicle equipment and are comprised of diverse interchangeable products. These products include center consoles, trunk mounts, dash monitor mounts, passenger side mounts, and motion devices. They provide a solid foundation and are ergonomically designed to make equipment easy to see, reach and operate while creating additional space. When selecting mounting products, companies should plan the appropriate location of equipment in the vehicle to optimize mobile worker sight lines and visibility.


In order to complete a total mobility solution, companies should partner with a reliable and experienced professional installer to ensure a successful rollout of their newly-equipped fleet. The safety, durability and longevity of any mobile office interior hinge on proper installation and use, especially in rugged environments.

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