Secure, Heavy-duty Inmate Transport

Havis builds outstanding prisoner transport systems for standard and extended Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge Ram vans. We offer single, double and triple compartment inserts, which allow you to securely transport up to 12 passengers.  Seat belts, seat dividers, and grab straps are included for each seat location.  Complete your solution with our wide array of accessories.


Unsurpassed Quality & Durability

Standard Safety Features for Officers & Inmates

Standard Safety Features for Officers & Inmates
  • Seat belts, seat dividers, and grab straps included for each seat location
  • Heavy-duty "Slam Latch" doors
  • Emergency exit hatch for each compartment
  • Non-slip seat tops and aluminum floor
  • No sharp edges or protruding hardware
  • White powder coat finish is easy to clean, durable and improves visibility in the insert

Standard Features of Prisoner Transport Insert

Standard Features of Prisoner Transport Insert
  • All aluminum construction
  • White powder coat finish (bulkheads, doors & hatches)
  • Up to 3 prisoner compartments
  • Transport capacity for up to 12 prisoners
  • LED dome lights in prisoner area
  • 10" x 48" non-slip rear step
  • 10" x 30" non-slip side out step (for side compartment units)

Easy Installation Options for Your Solution

Easy Installation Options for Your Solution
  • If you have your own installation facility, you can follow our step-by-step instructions to assemble the insert yourself.
  • You can also contact a Havis reseller to install your prisoner transport insert.
  • Inserts are shipped partially assembled.

Transferring Your Insert in the Future

Transferring Your Prisoner Transport Insert
  • Many times, your prisoner transport insert will outlast the service life of your van.
  • Since our inserts are bolted, not welded, into your van, you can easily transfer your insert into a new compatible van.

Compatible Transport Vans

Compatible Transport Vans

Supported Passenger Vans

  • 2007-2021 Chevrolet Express G-Series 2500/3500 (Standard and Extended Length)
  • 2014-2021 Ram ProMaster (Standard and Long Length/High Roof)
  • 2015-2021 Ford Transit (Full Size -- Standard and Long Length/Low and Medium Roof)
Compatible Transport Vans

Available Configurations

Single Compartment

Available for 100" & 120" inserts; Single rear entry door


Double Compartment

Available for 100" & 120" inserts; Dual rear entry doors

Double Compartment Prisoner Transport Insert

Triple Compartment

Available for 100" & 120" inserts; Dual rear & single side entry doors


Recommended Havis Accessories

OEM HVAC System Vent Adapter

OEM HVAC System Vent Adapter

Rear A/C vent adapter for Prisoner Transport Van; Connects to OEM rear A/C blower

Aftermarket Heat/Cooling System

Aftermarket Heat and Cooling System

Connects to OEM front system to provide rear compartment climate control

Audio Visual Alarm

Audio Visual Alarm

Activates buzzer and warning light when rear compartment doors are open

Intercom System Option

Intercom System

Intercom system lets you listen to rear compartments and offers a push-to-talk feature

Meal Pass-Through

Meal Pass Through

Hinged door to safely pass items to prisoners compartment

Rear Flip Down Step

Rear Flip Down Step

Attaches to rear step for safer entry and exit (Not recommended for Ram ProMaster or Ford Transit)

Rear Load Light

Rear Load Light

Provides additional lighting and security when loading and unloading prisoners

Roof Power Vent

Roof Power Vent

Draws air through the compartment to increase airflow throughout the unit

Seat Belts

Seat Belts

Full set of standard two-point lap belts for entire insert

Seat Dividers

Seat Dividers

Separation of interior seat benches to prevent sliding

Sound Deadening Insulation

Sound Deadening Insulation

Reduces sound and insulates to improve climate controls

Thermometer Option


Monitor the ambient temperature with your prisoner transport insert

Underbench Storage

Underbench Storage

Easily store necessary items under the benches in the side compartment

Video System Option

Video System

Includes 1-4 cameras to view inside each compartment of your insert

Copy of How the Havis Integrated Control System Works

Copy of How the Havis Integrated Control System Works

Integrated Control System Video Display 1VIDEO DISPLAY 1

Driven by the Embedded Processor, the Touch Screen Display provides control for functions such as AM/FM Radio, camera, systems, and settings.

The Touch Screen Display provides the user control of all functions and settings in the Integrated Control System.

Use one-touch MODE button to easily alternate between Video Display 1 and 2.

Integrated Control System Mode Button

Integrated Control System Video Display 2VIDEO DISPLAY 2

The A/V Extender allows for video input from a remote PC, Laptop or Tablet that connects to the Touch Screen Display.

ICS Video Display 1 is driven by the Embedded Processor

The Embedded Processor connects to Ford wiring and replaces the OEM AM/FM Radio Module.Integrated Control System Embedded ProcessorA sophisticated audio management system prioritizes the use of the vehicle’s audio system so important communications are not missed.

In-vehicle computers and equipment are mounted in the trunk

Havis trunk mounts secure and organize equipment

Havis trunk mounts secure and organize the PC, laptop or tablet as well as other in-vehicle equipment. Havis also recommends installing ChargeGuard to prevent dead batteries.

Havis trunk mount in the closed position

In the closed position, Havis’ recommended trunk mounts protect equipment and provide access to the majority of the trunk space for additional storage and transport.